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    21 mystery brands.
    21 cryptic clues.
    21 MASSIVE points.
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    How strongly do you associate colour and imagery with the world's biggest and best brands? Time to find out! Take two brand related colours, a visual hint and a cryptic verbal clue. Put them all together and you should be able to identify all 21 mystery brands. Like this...

    Black. Orange. Brazil. Rivers. A well known brand named after a famous Brazilian river perhaps?

We're North Plains, one of the leading providers of Brand Asset Management solutions.

Our mission is simple.

We help our customers to maximize the value of their visual assets (content) as they build their brands.

From the point of creation of an asset, through to the point of archiving an asset, North Plains' solutions enable you to operate with efficiency and drive growth in a rapidly changing multi-channel environment.

We help some of the world's most renowned companies and brands protect, manage, store and distribute their brand assets. To see how we are helping the Great Britain Campaign manage their visual assets read our Case Study.

We've also put together a festive demo of one of our solutions On Brand for you to try at your leisure.